Sunday, December 9, 2012

After the Banquet by Yukio Mishima

After the banquet by Yukio Mishima

Kazu is a single woman in her fiftees who runs a restaurant in 1960s Tokyo. She fears that after death she will buried alone in her grave and that everybody she knows in her life will forget her. Her restaurant is not only popular for the food, but also for herself
One day Kazu met an older man after an banquet. He is the reform politician Noguchi, who also is a widower.   Noguchi is sometimes calm and severe. This combination is attractive to her and she falls in love with him.

They get married.One reason to mary him is the love she feels for him. The other reason is, that he is a member of a famous and powerful family. Which means that she will not be forgotten after death and that she will never be alone.
Both are pigheaded and impulsive, other than that they are quite opposed in character. He wants a calm life but his friends urge him to get back into politics, an idea she loves. After being pressured to so by his friends and wife he runs for a seat in the city parliament but loses. After his loss he wants Kazu to sell her restaurant to refund his campaign. She had closed the restaurant when getting married but never thought about selling is as she had started with it from scratch as a young woman. So she refuses to sell and their struggle leads to their divorce. After the divorce she reopens her restaurant, after the banquet becomes before the banquet.

Mishima builds an picture of Japan between tradition and modernity. The novels shows how politics work in 1960s Tokyo and how power and struggle can affect a love relationship.

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